• The KittyCam™ Smart Feeder Pro
  • The KittyCam™ Smart Feeder Pro
  • The KittyCam™ Smart Feeder Pro
  • The KittyCam™ Smart Feeder Pro
  • The KittyCam™ Smart Feeder Pro
  • The KittyCam™ Smart Feeder Pro
  • The KittyCam™ Smart Feeder Pro
  • The KittyCam™ Smart Feeder Pro
  • The KittyCam™ Smart Feeder Pro
  • The KittyCam™ Smart Feeder Pro
  • The KittyCam™ Smart Feeder Pro
  • The KittyCam™ Smart Feeder Pro
  • The KittyCam™ Smart Feeder Pro
  • The KittyCam™ Smart Feeder Pro

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8/5 | 1,000+ Reviews

The KittyCam™ Smart Feeder Pro

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Do you find yourself turning down outings with friends, or unable to stay out after work, because you have to rush home to make sure your cats are fed?

Make that worry a thing of the past with the KittyCam™ Smart Feeder Pro! This automatic food dispenser is designed to let you stay away from the house for 4, 5, even 6 days, without any concerns about your pet going hungry.
Easy. You have full control of it anywhere with an internet connection. Just open the app, and it's like you're right there at home!

Cats crave consistency, so you can set regular feeding intervals to dispense food according to any schedule. Or, you can dispense food manually by the tap of a button on the app.

The HD camera lets you watch in on everything going on, 24/7. And two way audio system allows you to soothe your pet with the sound of your voice.

Now you can rest assured that your loved one is fully fed, just by glancing at your phone!
The KittyCam™ Smart Cat Feeder Pro is made of the highest quality plastic (BPA free!) and designed to last for years. It's extra sturdy to survive any type of abuse.

Grab yours now and discover how thousands of cat lovers have made their lives easier by no longer having to sacrifice their social life just to keep their pets fed!
✔ 4L (17 cup) Capacity.

✔ Fits Dry Food 2-12mm in Size.

✔ Easy food dispensation on an automatic schedule or manual.

✔ Ultra-precise portion control (7 grams).

✔ 7 Day backup power supply (3x D-cell batteries). Never worry about a power outage preventing your pets from getting fed again.

✔ Easy-to-use Smart App compatible with any phone keeps you closer to your pets with the 2-way audio/video connection.

Risk Free 60 Day Happiness Guarantee or your money back.

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Premium Build.

Extra Durable BPA Free Plastic.

Sleek & Modern Design.

HD Camera + Sound.

Join the 1000's Of Cat Owners Finally Living Life On Their Terms!

• Does your screeching cat wake you up at 6 A.M. because she's hungry?

• Do you wish you could stay out with friends on a whim after work, instead of always having to rush home to feed your fur babies?

• Are you constantly having to decline vacations and longer trips, because there's nobody around to feed your cats while you're away?

😍 Make All That A Thing Of The Past With The Kittycam™ Smart Feeder Pro!

✔ Check in on your cats from anywhere, anytime with the HD camera and Wi-Fi Connection.

✔ Set automatic food output to match your cat's natural schedule, or release extra kibble with one tap on our Smart App.

✔ Pair a voice recording with each food dispensation, so your cats know when to come and eat.

✔ No more skipping outings with friends. No more waking up early morning to yowling cats just to get them fed. Just peace and calm knowing your cats are always fed.

Live Life On Your Terms Again While Taking The Best Possible Care of Your Furry Friends!

Fall In Love With Being A Cat Parent Again 🧡

✔ Cats crave consistency. Give it to them with automatic feedings on any schedule.

✔ Or, release food manually through the Smart App or with the press of a button on the KittyCam™ Smart Feeder Pro. Auto-lock function prevents your pets from breaking in!

✔ Easy-to-use Smart App with unlimited user accounts so all members of your family can stay connected with your furry best friends.

✔ In-app low food warnings so you never worry about kibble running out.

✔ Keep your cats fed and yourself sane. No longer be chained to your house just because your fur babies are there.

Yes, I Want To Easily Keep My Cats Happy & Fed No Matter Where I Am! 👉

Full HD Camera

Capture every magical moment, no matter where you are.

Cat Lovers Worldwide Are Raving About Their KittyCam™!

Rated 4.8/5 by 1,000+ Happy Cat Parents

  • No more waking up at 6AM to a screaming cat! I needed something to feed my cat in the mornings that didn't involve the cat meowing incessantly and me getting out of bed. This does exactly that, plus my daughter loves that she can put her voice in it to tell our cat the food is there. Would recommend if you had the same problem as me or go away on vacation a lot.

    Julia B.

  • If you go on trips you need to invest in an automatic feeder as your back up! The cat dish is wide and deep so that kibble does not fall out easily when cats are eating like other feeders I've tried. The lid is quite secure. My cats have tried to nudge and open it but with no success. If you put batteries it will last a looong time so you don't always have to keep it plugged in. Easy to clean, just take the bowl off and wipe it with a cloth.

    Jennifer S.

  • I bought this because after I moved out of my parents house my cat decided I had to get up at 5:30 every morning to feed him like my mother who worked early hours used to. This was not happening, tried to retrain the cat but he knew exactly what he should knock over every morning to get me out of bed. So it was auto feeder or kill the cat. I love my cat so I bought this in a fit of desperation. It works like a dream. The meal portion and timing features are very simple and easy to set up. Saved my life (and my cat's!)

    MIchael A.

  • I put off getting an auto feeder for quite some time. We have two cats, both about eight years old so they're used to the yelling. Since they both have different feeding requirements (one is very large) I purchased two of these units (hence putting off the purchase for so long). It took a few days for them to adjust but its pretty much stopped. The units themselves are surprisingly sleek. When they arrived I was taken aback by the packaging and how they look. They look modern and clean, definitely not an eye sore.

    Brianne R.


60 Day Happiness Guarantee

It's simple. We have great confidence in everything we sell. Try the KittyCam™ Smart Feeder Pro, and if you don't like it for any reason, we'll give you your money back.

See details here.

Top Rated Cat Feeder of 2022

Battery backup to ensure no meal is ever missed. Full HD camera to see everything at home. Automatic scheduling for seamless integration into your life.

Fast shipping

Orders are processed same-day and are at your door in under a week!

Free 60 Day Returns

Full 60 days to try & return if you're not satisfied.

Happy Owners & Healthy Cats

Fall in love with being a cat mom or dad again. Keep your pets fed and healthy. Find out why thousands of cat parents are in love with their KittyCam™!

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The KittyCam™ Smart Feeder Pro is designed to be compatible with the vast majority of dry foods out there.

Each portion size is precise up to 7 grams. Dry food needs to have a diameter of 2-12mm (1/16th inch - 1/2 inch)

When you receive your package, there'll be an insert with a QR code inside. Just scan it on any phone, and follow the easy instructions to get connected! Setup takes less than 30 seconds.

The KittyCam™ Smart Feeder Pro is equipped with a backup power supply that can last up to 7 days without an external power source.

In case of a power outage, the feeder reverts to the automatic schedule that's been set, until power is restored.

So your cats will stay fed and healthy no matter what's going on ouside!

Just like in the case of a power outage, if the Wi-Fi goes out, then the feeder will revert to the automatic schedule until its internet connection is restored.

Yup! Our Smart App makes it super easy to connect any and all devices you have to your Smart Feeder.

So all your family members can keep an eye on your pets when you're away from home.

Definitely! We know how important it is to provide your fur babies with the freshest food. That's why there's a special insert for a desiccant bag built into the KittyCam™ Smart Feeder Pro, ensuring no mold or bacteria will build up over time.

We've found our most passionate customers also really, really love their cats -- meaning they have more than one!

So, we put together a massive 60% discount for cat parents who want to set up their Smart Feeders all over the house!

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What Makes The KittyCam™ Special:

Cat owners like you (and us!) no longer have to worry about staying out from the house for too long, because the KittyCam™ Smart Feeder Pro allows our cats to be fed from anywhere.

KittyCam™ Smart Feeder Pro OTHERS
HD Camera with Motion Detector
Automatic Food Scheduling
Full Wi-Fi Control from Anywhere
7 Day Backup Power Supply
Premium Quality Designed To Last Years
Jam-Free Design

Rated 4.8/5 by 1,000+ Happy Customers

Don't Miss Out On Life Just Because You Love Your Cats

Join the thousands of cat owners finally living life on their terms! No more early morning wake up calls, no more rushing home just to feed your pets. Say YES to all those weekend trips you missed out on before. Discover a whole new life with your cats with the KittyCam™ Smart Feeder Pro!

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Very High Quality Cat Feeder

I couldn't be happier with my new automatic cat feeder. It is really well made with high quality materials. Set up took minutes and my cat had it figured out by the end of the first day. I scheduled 4 meals per day, and now I never worry about having to be home by a specific time.

I swear that my cat can keep time better than most clocks now. He clearly appreciates getting his meals on a rigid, predictable schedule. This feeder made my life easier and my cat happier at the same time.

Susan Krupnick
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